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The technological singularity is the hypothesis that the invention of artificial superintelligence will abruptly trigger runaway technological growth, resulting in unfathomable changes to human civilization.
Welcome to A Ghost In The Machine. We are a Premium site set in New Chicago in the year 2250 focusing on the advent of the technological singularity and the ethical and social questions it raises. It is our goal to create an inclusive site where every single character has the chance of effecting the plot, where members can help us create and shape our fictional world as much or as little as they see fit.

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After acceptance, This should really be your first port of call in order to get yourself situated on the sire. This is the place for establishing character interrelations, whether they be pre-mediated dynamics or newly found possibilities. Just remember, when it comes to plotting, there's no such thing as a dumb idea! Please remember to post your replies in the other person's plotter!

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This is the place for any extra character content you might come up with! From trackers and graphics to playlists and even drabbles – anything you create is welcome here. We'd love to see it all! Simply request a development forum in the sign-up thread, and upon creation, go wild! Please note, you must have twenty posts on your first character before you will be able request a development forum.

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As technology is pretty much prevalent in this day and age, means of information transmission are more than accessible. Many find utilising the instant messaging and voice systems readily available via PADs as the most efficient means of communication, but you certainly are not limited to those! All communication-based threads will go here – templates are provided for your ease of use.

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Time to kill between posts? Maybe you're just looking to laugh? Look no further! Here is the place for in-character (and out-of-character) nonsense! If there's a game you think others might find interesting – or perhaps you're just dying to play – feel free to post it!

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The heart of Upper Chicago, Zone 1 is the industrial hub of the city. All of the major corporations are present, but the BioDyne building stands in the center of the city, a towering monolith that cannot be ignored. Each skyscraper is built as a testament to the wealth and power of the company that owns it. Most Upper Chicagoans are fortunate enough to work in one of the high rises that litter the center-most portion of the city, though the factories also employ a large number of Synthetic workers. Whether dealing with cutting edge technology or corporate espionage, Zone One is where you'll need to be.

Nov 5 2017, 09:34 PM

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After a long day of work in Zone One, the wealthiest and most prevalent in Upper Chicago retire to their luxury apartments in Zone Two. These apartments might be dwarfed by the nearby BioDyne building, but they still cut into the skyline and offer a lovely view of the sprawling urban landscape. Even this area is not without its hierarchy though and, just like in industry, everyone is scratching to get to that penthouse level apartment. There are a few standalone homes in the residential area, but these exist for the top of the top only and anyone just passing by can expect to see an increase in security cameras and drones.


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Don't feel like going home after work? Well, Zone Three offers an array of restaurants, shops, nightclubs, and other recreational offerings to entertain after a long day of work. This is a place for those who work hard to blow off a little steam and for the trust fund babies to find some way to occupy their time. While most of the establishments work above the board, if someone knows where to look they will be able to find the hidden jewels that offer a peek into the darker world of Upper Chicago. Plenty of shops offer black market goods, AI "hospitality", and all manner of nefarious actions if you know which door to knock on. Around here, money talks.

Dec 3 2017, 04:18 PM

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The very outer limits of Upper Chicago, Zone Four is primarily a place for security that work the upper-level and the working middle-classes of the city to call home. There are official security housings, as well as more modest apartment buildings for those that work in a more "skilled labor" capacity in Zone One. This is the area that a lot of the Zone Two residents refer to as the "bad part" of their town, and the increased security measure in the area seem to support that. Zone Four also houses the ways in and out of Upper Chicago, which are all very heavily monitored at all hours of the day -- though that isn’t to say people can’t get in and out for the right price.


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Buried in the center of Lower Chicago, Zone Five is the furthest from the reaches of the sun marking it as the most undesirable place to live in New Chicago. The poorest of the poor, those who have to scrape by just to earn a living have been relegated here, transforming the old skyscrapers and city streets into slums used by the sick, the destitute, and the criminal. Some buildings or blocks are controlled by make-shift gangs and there are patches of the zone that Security doesn't even dare go. Due to the nature of this section, many Revos are taken up residence here - knowing that it'll be an easy place to lay low. Just watch for Lung Rot.

Jan 2 2018, 12:08 PM

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If something is needed, the best bet for getting it is Zone Six. There are legitimate shops where one can buy, trade, and sell everything from their most recent harvest to those refurbished augmented reality headsets. There are also plenty of food carts and dining options, if you’re not picky enough to question where the vendors are getting the meat from. Just beyond the stalls and storefronts, however, lie the entrances to the black market and the seedier underbelly of Lower Chicago. Whether looking for parts needed for personal augmentation or the junk allowing for a much needed high, one can find anything they need along these hidden offerings - so long as they have the means to pay for it.
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Dec 3 2017, 03:17 PM

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While the great city in the sky still blocks the sun to portions of this area throughout the day, Zone Seven is nicely set up to handle most of the agricultural needs of Lower Chicago. The ground isn't so arid that it can't take crop and, while there is always the threat of poaching and general thieving, the farmers here are generally pretty equipped to handle threats that come their way. It’s the one area where the artificial lighting is kept in constant repair as the cities government understand that the best way to keep the citizens of the lower level happy, is to make sure they’re fed. It's also not unheard of to have people in this zone setting up side businesses as distillers since they have the means for fermentation and there are plenty of bars willing to pay for the finished product.


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Most of the checkpoints for civilian travel to and from the Upper Level are located in Zone Eight and, as such, it only makes sense that most of the people who work on in Upper Chicago who can’t quite afford the rent tend to live here. Of all Lower Chicago, Zone Eight gets the most direct sunlight and is regarded as the nicest part of the Lower Level. This area is home to workers, people who just want to earn a living and stay out of trouble. And, because of the checkpoints, this zone also has the highest level of security. Residents of this Zone might also have a more favorable outlook on Upper Chicago and even consider themselves Citizens, hoping one day that, if they work hard enough and prove their loyalty, they can potentially ascend to the city above them.


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Beyond the shadow of New Chicago's upper level sits the small town of Vincent. Despite its proximity to the major city, it is not ruled by the Governor of Chicago - though, that is something the Governor of Illinois regularly forgets. It’s a quiet sort of place, where Synths and humans live in harmony, avoiding all the societal nonsense from the city. The streets are clean, the air is fresh and it’s one of the few places where you’ll find local business free from the clutches of the companies and government. Setting foot in Vincent, you might even think you’ve travelled back in time. We recommend you stop off at the diner and sample some of the famous pancakes before taking a stroll through the winding and uncrowded streets.


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As much as it might feel like the center of it, there's far more to the world than New Chicago! While the city may seem endless, we assure you there is a way out. High class airlines, bulletrains, and both private and public transport will take you where you need to go – if you've got the means, of course! And even if you don't, there's always a way out of the city – depending on how uncomfortable you're willing to get. But don't worry, the smell of sewage washes out eventually.


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Want to take a trip down memorylane? Maybe you long for a better time or you’re looking for a brighter future. Ever wondered what life would be like in twenty years time; if you’ll finally get that hoverboard all the movies promised you? Maybe you just want to go back and try to fix a past mistake or relive it simply to learn from the experience. This is a place for that where the past and future can be explored to your heart's content. Unfortunately you can’t really change the past and the future still isn’t set in stone, but it’s nice to dream.

Oct 21 2017, 11:35 AM

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Sometimes you need to take a break from the everyday. Sometimes you need to take a walk on the wildside and look at what could have been. Don’t worry, you’re not the only person who wonders what life would be like if dinosaurs still roamed the earth and you’re definitely not the first person to wonder what it was like to be a pirate. Go forth and let your imagination run wild because there’s an infinite number of universes out there and there’s no reason to resign yourself to just living in one of them.


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Wanna talk out-of-character? There's no better place! Here you're free to make introduction posts, graphics requests, and pretty much anything else that comes to your mind. Or perhaps you're busy, or just need some time away – no problem! This is also where absence and activity notices should be posted – sorted in their appropriate subforums of course!
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We’ve all been around long enough to know how this forum works. The rules are really very simple here; if you post an ad with us, we’ll post an ad with you. If you post more than once here then we’ll return the favour, no harm no foul. This is also where you’ll find our affiliate request thread if you’d like to have your sites button displayed here on A Ghost in the Machine. Thanks for stopping by.
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As much as we might deign to say otherwise, everything eventually comes to an end. Completed and abandoned threads will go here, as well as inactive characters. Don't worry if something gets placed here accidentally – we don't delete anything! If something is archived prematurely, please post in moderation to get it back.
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